Thursday, June 17, 2010

A2595 is being held in committee

[reprinted from NRA-ILA email]
Thanks to your calls, A2595 sponsored by Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein (D-14), was discussed before the Assembly Judiciary Committee today but held without a vote.

A2595 is a blatant attempt by entrenched New Jersey Politicians to strong arm citizens who oppose their re-election. If passed, A2595 would mandate that any "issue advocacy organization” classified under IRS Code as a 501(C) (3), 501 (C) (4) or 527 that engages in the election or defeat of any person to State or local elective office; the passage or defeat of any public question; or that provides political information on any candidate, must submit the names and addresses of contributors and their employers to the Election Law Enforcement Commission.

The NRA will continue to watch this bill and work to ensure that our members privacy and right to participate within the legislative and political process without the threat of retaliation is protected.