Monday, November 15, 2010

A letter from Senator Jeff Van Drew regarding S2264

Below is a letter from Senator Jeff Van Drew, transcribed verbatim. A link to the scanned document is available HERE:

Dear Mr. Steele,

I am writing to you today because you have recently contacted my office with regards to Senate bill 2264, which dramatically improves the process by which New Jersey residents to apply for, and receive, a handgun carry permit.

I first wanted to thank you for your support of my initiative. As you well know, New Jersey is the most restrictive state in the nation with respect to a citizen's right to carry. I firmly believe that New Jersey has gone overboard in its regulation of guns and that is whi I, along with my Assembly colleagues Nelson Albano and Matthew Milam, have introduced this important, and common sense, legislation.

Agter hearing from thousands of citizens, like you, from around the State of New Jersey, I have decided to introduce a new piece of legislation that would mirror S2264 in every way - namely that an applicant for a permit to carry would no longer have to establish the court standard 'justifiable need," but rather simply show that they are "qualified" to carry - with one exception. I will be lowering the application fee from $500 to $100.

I, along with Assemblyman Albano and Assemblyman Milam, will be introducing this new legislation in the next week, and will likewise withdraw S2264. After careful reflection, I simply believe that $500 is too much. We must not continue to fund the State's coughers on the backs of hard working New Jerseyans. Once we have introduced this new bill, I will write to you again to provide you with some additional information, including the new bill number and how you can track its progress online as we move through this tough process.

As I said in my previous letter to you, I cannot promise that this initiative will pass, but I do promise that my Assembly colleagues and I will do everything in our power to move it forward and continue the debate over our Second Amendment rights.

Best wishes,


Senator, 1st District

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