Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I am not a criminal - or am I?

I was reading a great article by Greg Bean in the Examiner and was shocked (as were many of his readers) to find that I just MIGHT be a criminal and acting illegally every day. No, I am not carrying a concealed handgun without a permit, nor am I robbing banks or stealing Tootsie Rolls from my local Krausers.

You see, I carry knives. Pocket knives of the folding variety to be exact. I keep one in my car as well. These are generally high quality knives made by Kershaw, Buck and Spyderco. These are tools. I can open boxes with them, pry stuck items loose with them, trim hanging threads with them, and thousands of other non-weapon like activities.

All of my knives have blades under 5 inches in length and fit neatly in my pocket. When carrying them, I never have an urge to stab someone with them, ever. I do not secretly hope that someone will accost me so I can 'whip out my knife' and defend myself. They are just tools.

I am going to do some more research and see if I can put together a comprehensive list of state and local laws pertaining to New Jersey knife laws. I will post my results here. If any of you have links or information, please feel freJe to contact me or post here.


  1. Did you mean "New jersey knife laws" in the last paragraph?

  2. I did mikeb30200. Good catch.