Saturday, January 22, 2011

How about CCW's and training?

Al Sharpton spoke at a rally, called a 'Family Town Meeting', to discuss ways of confronting violence in Newark. Sharpton wisely spoke these words,

"The police are not going to save them, the FBI are not going to save them. We have to save them ourselves. They are our children."

I agree! I like the fact that Sharpton is talking about confronting violence. However the things they spoke about were passive; mentoring programs, role modeling, resources for grassroots organizations, etc. While these things may be good, they are the same old message with the same old results.

Let's permit these law abiding citizens to defend themselves and take their neighborhoods back from the thugs. Drug dealers, gang-bangers and petty thugs are not prepared to confront a trained and armed citizen, much less a community of them. They will move along when the easy prey are no longer available.

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  1. You know NJ can't have that. Somebody might get hurt.