Monday, January 10, 2011

Shooting - Jersey Winter Style

Michael on the Stag
Saturday morning, I knocked on Micheal's door at around 8:00 a.m. and quietly mumbled, 'the range is open but it's snowing. Do you still want to go shooting?' I had hoped he would moan something unintelligible and roll over back into warm oblivion. Nope ... Michael jumped out of bed and said, 'let's go'.

Mark on the Saiga
 Two hours later, because we have to drive long distances to shoot in New Jersey, we arrived at Fort Dix. The last mile onto the range was an adventure in our Prius. Thankfully she has a very low center of gravity because the roads had not been treated or plowed.

100 yards thru spotter
We were the ONLY ones there - it was awesome to have the whole range to ourselves. We called our own 'cease fires' and 'resume firings' and had a great time. I highly recommend snow range time if you can arrange it.

The muted silence of the range was broken only by our gun fire and it seemed to echo forever - it was wonderful.

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