Wednesday, February 23, 2011

HR822 may not address New Jersey

Many thanks to Sebastian over at Snowflakes in Hell. The language for HR822 is now updated over at No Lawers - Only Guns and Money. It seems like New Jersey could get the short end of the stick ... again.

BigHayden, one of the commentors on Sebastians blog makes an interesting observation:

After carefully reading the bill, this is how it affects us in PRNJ…

Residents of the other 49 states (including WI and IL, as they can obtain non-resident permits from the usual suspects) could carry in NJ, though they would still be prohibited from carrying hollow point ammo, which may preclude any responsible citizen from carrying in NJ anyway.

Residents of NJ could carry in 47 states on a non-resident permit from the usuals (UT, FL, NH, VA, etc), but not WI, IL or NJ.

Bottom line? Everyone in the United States could carry in NJ except the residents of NJ. This bill isn’t even remotely helpful unless we win Muller v. Maenza (SAF v. NJ).

Welcome to the Garden State - I urge you all to read the links and the HR822 language and get ready to get in the fight.

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