Monday, February 14, 2011

Their numbers don't add up ...

Ever wonder why many of the anti-gunnner's propaganda have numbers that are contrary to published figures when it comes to gun deaths and gun violence? Here's a great op-ed piece from the Home News Tribune that spells it out.

The National Safety Council regularly publishes annual statistics from all causes, and breaks them down into more defined categories. Year after year, fully 60 percent of deaths from firearms incidents are "intentional self-harm by firearm" (suicides), and equals the total of "deaths due to assault" (homicides) by all causes. Mr. Malwitz's suggestion that tough New Jersey laws keep us safer might be a misinterpretation of the statistics from the CDC since he did not segregate the suicide rates from assaults.

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  1. Anonymous17:02

    That don't matter to the good ol' Legislature here in NJ.

    Remember when Miller was peddling OGaM, and misrepresenting trace data? He was called out, but the Legislature didn't give two s****.