Monday, March 28, 2011

Christie nominates N.J. Assemblyman Carroll to be superior court judge


NUTZ! is reporting that Gov. Christie has nominated NJ Assemblyman Carroll for Superior Court Judge. This is a big win for Second Amendment advocates in the Garden State. In previous posts I have shared with you letters and emails that Assemblyman Carroll has authored.

"The governor feels he’s qualified...

So do I!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm so confused...

New Jersey, home of the most draconian gun laws in the Republic, should be the SAFEST place in these United States. How is it then that criminals in New Jersey continue to arm themselves and kill? How can they possibly conceal a handgun for use against citizens? Don't they know it is illegal impossible to get a CCW permit in this state (everyone knows that taking a gun outside your home endangers the citizenry).

Below are six stories about illegal gun use in New Jersey. I don't know how this could happen because criminals already obey all the gun restrictions on the books, right? Let's ban standard capacity magazines because that will keep criminals from purchasing and using them. Let's ban semi-automatic rifles because clearly that is the weapon of choice for these criminals. Let's continue to ban telescoping stocks and foregrips because those make normal, law abiding citizens go on rampages and kill their neighbors. Let's continue to only let 'connected' people protect themselves with CCW's.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Jersey Firearm Lawsuit Planned

Thanks to Firearms Anonymous for the tip.

NJ2AS is planning a lawsuit based on actions taken by local authorities in regard to Firearm ID and Permit to Purchase a Pistol applications. There is a flyer on their main page with information.

NJ Attorney General files final lower court response

You can read it HERE.

The New Jersey AG continues to argue that the Second Amendment only protects the right to keep and bear arms inside our homes and that the gun laws of New Jersey are there to protect the public from law abiding citizens who would carry.

It's mind boggling how an educated legal mind cannot grasp the basic concept that legally armed citizens LOWER crime, and that the public benefits from the good guys having guns to keep the bad guys from using theirs.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Camden is the model ... of what exactly?

Camden has laid off nearly half of it's police force due to budget constraints, according to this article in the New York Times. Police Chief Thomson and the Mayor are trying to stay upbeat, repeating to themselves that this leaner force will eventually become a model for others facing the same situation. I suppose .... as long as they don't mean 'ideal' when they speak of 'model'.

Perhaps it's time to give the people of Camden a fighting chance against criminals by allowing them exercise their RIGHT to defend themselves with firearms. Chief Thomson admits that 911 calls for burglaries and break-ins are asked to file a report over the phone. In his own words:

“If it doesn’t need a gun and a badge at that location,” officers are not sent

How long before rape, assault, and domestic abuse victims are asked to 'phone it in'?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Garry McCarthy is in the minority

Newark police director Garry McCarthy was named chairman of the Major Cities Chiefs Police Association’s subcommittee on gun control. In McCarthy's own words from this article he states that this sub-committee of 70 police executives from the US and Canada 'can be a leading voice in the national gun debate'.

I did some research and found that the IACP (International Association of Chief's of Police) has over 20,000 members. This makes the MCCPA group of police executives a .35% representation - not exactly what I would call a 'leading voice' in anything.

"I think that we have an opportunity to bring the gun debate back to center and stop it from being so polarized," he said. "I believe you can protect John Q. Citizen’s second amendment right to carry a firearm in appropriate circumstances, and at the same time stop guns from flooding the streets of our cities where our children are being killed."

More gun legislation does NOT control crime, at least not in a positive direction. The less ability John Q. Citizen has to legally obtain and carry a firearm, the more ability criminals have to terrorize, abuse and kill Mr. Citizen.

It also doesn't help that Senator Lautenberg is affiliated with the group.

'That's not a justifyable need' says Morristown Judge

Last January 2010, Jeffrey Muller of Newton, was tasered, bound and then transported across state lines with a gun at his head. Mr. Muller was thought to be a different Jeffrey Muller and if not for the kidnappers car breaking down and THIS Mr. Muller escaping, who knows what his fate would be.

Fast forward to today. Mr. Muller applied for a concealed carry permit and was originally approved by the State Police, however it was declined by Superior Court Judge Philip Maenza. Maenza, in a written decision last August, said:

This crime, and the fact that Mr. Muller will be called upon to testify against his captors, is the reason he has filed this application for a permit to carry a handgun. Mr. Muller, however, does not show justifiable need. Allowing a victim of a crime to carry a handgun without showing a justifiable need to carry one would be contrary to case law and the legislative intent of the statute.

Yeah .... What if the captors have other acquaintances who would like to have a conversation with the only eyewitness? And now you have declared Mr. Muller an unarmed victim. Nice job judge.
The story is in the Daily Record.

---- UPDATE ----

The following op/ed appeared in the Daily Record.