Monday, March 7, 2011

Garry McCarthy is in the minority

Newark police director Garry McCarthy was named chairman of the Major Cities Chiefs Police Association’s subcommittee on gun control. In McCarthy's own words from this article he states that this sub-committee of 70 police executives from the US and Canada 'can be a leading voice in the national gun debate'.

I did some research and found that the IACP (International Association of Chief's of Police) has over 20,000 members. This makes the MCCPA group of police executives a .35% representation - not exactly what I would call a 'leading voice' in anything.

"I think that we have an opportunity to bring the gun debate back to center and stop it from being so polarized," he said. "I believe you can protect John Q. Citizen’s second amendment right to carry a firearm in appropriate circumstances, and at the same time stop guns from flooding the streets of our cities where our children are being killed."

More gun legislation does NOT control crime, at least not in a positive direction. The less ability John Q. Citizen has to legally obtain and carry a firearm, the more ability criminals have to terrorize, abuse and kill Mr. Citizen.

It also doesn't help that Senator Lautenberg is affiliated with the group.

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