Monday, March 7, 2011

'That's not a justifyable need' says Morristown Judge

Last January 2010, Jeffrey Muller of Newton, was tasered, bound and then transported across state lines with a gun at his head. Mr. Muller was thought to be a different Jeffrey Muller and if not for the kidnappers car breaking down and THIS Mr. Muller escaping, who knows what his fate would be.

Fast forward to today. Mr. Muller applied for a concealed carry permit and was originally approved by the State Police, however it was declined by Superior Court Judge Philip Maenza. Maenza, in a written decision last August, said:

This crime, and the fact that Mr. Muller will be called upon to testify against his captors, is the reason he has filed this application for a permit to carry a handgun. Mr. Muller, however, does not show justifiable need. Allowing a victim of a crime to carry a handgun without showing a justifiable need to carry one would be contrary to case law and the legislative intent of the statute.

Yeah .... What if the captors have other acquaintances who would like to have a conversation with the only eyewitness? And now you have declared Mr. Muller an unarmed victim. Nice job judge.
The story is in the Daily Record.

---- UPDATE ----

The following op/ed appeared in the Daily Record.

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