Friday, May 27, 2011

S2864 Establishes 80 as Maximum Age for Issuing Special Handgun Carry Permits to Retired Police Officers.

S2864 Establishes 80 as maximum age for issuing special handgun carry permits to retired police officers.
Primary Sponsor: Bucco, Anthony R.
5/12/2011 Introduced in the Senate, Referred to Senate Law and Public Safety Committee
Introduced - 11 pages PDF Format    HTML Format

S2864 changes the maximum age for retired police officers can obtain a special handgun carry permit from 75 years to 80 years of age. There is a lot of interesting material in this bill and I would encourage you all to read through it. One thing I noticed was the following provision on page 10, line 10 of the PDF file:

1 of the retired law
2 enforcement officer, the superintendent shall request a verification
3 of service from the chief law enforcement officer of the
4 organization in which the retired officer was last regularly
5 employed as a full-time law enforcement officer prior to retiring.
6 The verification of service shall include:
7 (a) The name and address of the retired officer;
8 (b) The date that the retired officer was hired and the date that
9 the officer retired;
10 (c) A list of all handguns known to be registered to that officer;
11 (d) A statement that, to the reasonable knowledge of the chief
12 law enforcement officer, the retired officer is not subject to any of
13 the restrictions set forth in subsection c. of N.J.S.2C:58-3; and
14 (e) A statement that the officer retired in good standing.
I didn't realize that retired officers had to have all their firearms registered and with their prior employers and that that list needed to be submitted and verified as part of the concealed carry application process.

Let me know if you find any other interesting tidbits.

We're Making Progress

The Daily Record is reporting that abduction victim Jeff Muller's CCW request has been approved. You will recall that Mr. Muller is part of the SAF lawsuit in New Jersey to change the concealed carry laws, specifically the 'show need' portion of the laws.

We're making progress - one law abiding citizen at a time.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

30 Day Extension for Comments Regarding ATF Multiple Long Rifle Reporting

You officially have five more days to make your voice heard over at the ATF. Please ... Please read the notice from the ATF and then send an email to:

You will need to include the following in the subject line:  OMB control number [1140-NEW]

Here is a copy of the email that I sent to them (I took the one from the Brady Campaign and corrected it with facts):

I am writing to offer my comment in OPPOSITION of the Proposal to Require Reporting of Multiple Sales of Certain Long Guns (OMB control number 1140NEW).

America's draconian gun laws have contributed to massive numbers of law abiding citizens to be denied their Constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms via the Second Amendment.

Reporting multiple sales of weapons such as semi-automatic rifles will not provide the ATF with any useful information that will in any way provide notification of bulk gun sales to traffickers and will not give law enforcement any advantage in dealing with potential traffickers.

The proposed reporting requirement is a waste of taxpayer dollars and an unnecessary burden on FFL holders.

I strongly OPPOSE OMB control number 1140NEW.


Mark Steele
Street Address
City, State  ZIP
Feel free to create your own - but send them an email before the day is out.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Thank God He Had a Gun

Read this story about a law abiding concealed carry permit holding New Jersey man who was able to defend his life when attacked by two armed criminals. The citizen is a retired police officer, and therefore is allowed to legally possess a concealed firearm.

Think about how many other law abiding citizens would reap the same benefits if they were allowed to defend themselves.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Tables are Turned

New Jersey County and State Prosecutors are no longer eligible to carry a concealed weapon after they retire now that even stricter gun laws are in place. The language states they are not considered 'law enforcement officers'.

I'm sorry, it's a character defect on my part when I take pleasure in someone else's misfortune, but when I read this I thought 'how do YOU like it!' Law abiding citizens in New Jersey have been denied their Constitutional rights for a long time. NOW the elitist group of 'haves' has been reduced and the once privileged NJ Prosecutors have been un-invited from the party.

Maybe we will see some traction on gun-law reform now .... maybe not.

Anyway, a couple of statements in the article need to be addressed:

  "Unlike police officers and investigators, both assistant prosecutors and deputy attorneys general are ‘lawyers first and foremost’ whose ‘essential responsibility is to provide legal advice,’ " the court wrote, referring to the statement accompanying the Senate bill creating the law in 1996. "Their primary duty ‘is to perform legal services in connection with law enforcement.’ ’’

Hmmm - that might be their primary duty at their day job, but what about their (and our) duty to uphold the constitution, protect our families, protect our neighbors and our community?

"He believes that the statute afford him that opportunity,’’ said his attorney, Frank Pisano III. "Like any other prosecutor, he’s locked up some people in the past who may come up for parole now.’’

I have not locked up anyone and I have a higher probability of an armed intruder or road-rager attack than the Prosecutors have of a felon hunting them down - I'm pretty sure they are notified of pending prisoner releases - wait - maybe we should keep dangerous felons locked up.

The lawyer said New Jersey’s strict gun laws require him to show an urgent need for self-protection, that he was subject to substantial threat of serious bodily injury and that carrying a weapon would reduce that threat.

He said that was "a very difficult standard to meet."

No kidding. It's also an ILLEGAL requirement to meet - the Constitution has no such requirement.

Mr. and Mrs. NJ Prosecutor - meet our pain - join us in our fight!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Deaths in America

I found this on the blog Common Folk Using Common Sense. Just something to think about for all those folks that think banning guns will save lots of lives. The VAST majority of people killed in the US every day are murdered in utero ... no gun required.
  • 42 People are murdered, each day
  • 6 People are murdered by illegal immigrants, each day
  • 0.29 People are murdered each day in ‘mass shootings’ involving 4 or more victims
  • 0.08 People are murdered each day with ‘assault rifles’
  • 102 People die in traffic accidents, each day
  • 32 People are killed in alcohol related traffic accidents, each day
  • 2.8 People are killed each day in total plane crashes
  • 0.007 People are killed each day in terrorism related plane crashes (including 9/11/01 in a 10 year average, the rate is zero if you exclude 9/11)
  • 95 People commit suicide, each day
  • 3 People are killed in firearm-related accidents, each day
  • 0.38 People under the age of 15 are killed in firearm related accidents, each day
  • 338 People die total from unintentional injuries, each day
  • 62 People die from unintentional falls, each day
  • 82 People die from unintentional poisoning, each day
  • 107 People die each day from hospital mistakes (not counting infections)
  • 219 People die each day from infections in hospitals
  • 290 People die each day from non-error adverse reactions to medications
  • 4,000 People under the age of 1 are killed before they are born, each day

Friday, May 13, 2011

NJ2AS Files Suit with the NJ State Police

I saw this report at The New Jersey 2nd Amendment Society has filed a lawsuit to gain access to the New Jersey State Police's Firearm Application Guidebook. The seek to understand why so many municipalities process Firearm Permit applications differently.

The initial request for access to the Guidebook was denied, as was a subsequent request via Governmental Records Request under both OPRA (Open Public Records Act) and common law right of access.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Allegedly Drunk Undercover State Trooper Derails Plans of Gun Owner to Become a Cop

You'll have to read through the entire article to find it. The bottom line is Clayton Tanksley, a legal gun owner and CCW holder from PA is hit by an allegedly drunk off-duty undercover NJ State Trooper. The accident is so violent that it tosses Clayton's locked handgun from the trunk of his car into the road. He recovers it and puts it in his glovebox, and then notifies other Troopers who arrive.

When Clayton later goes to claim his property - he is arrested and charged with illegal weapons possession because he did not have a NJ gun permit.

This is why New Jersey's gun laws must be changed.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May GIVEAWAY: 1 Year Membership or Renewal to NRA

Second Amendment Foundation Fundraiser in New Jersey

I encourage all of my readers to attend the Second Amendment Foundation fundraiser event on Sunday, June 5th, 2011 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Ringwood State Park. It looks to be a good time and I hope to be there with my son. More information is available at the website.