Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Tables are Turned

New Jersey County and State Prosecutors are no longer eligible to carry a concealed weapon after they retire now that even stricter gun laws are in place. The language states they are not considered 'law enforcement officers'.

I'm sorry, it's a character defect on my part when I take pleasure in someone else's misfortune, but when I read this I thought 'how do YOU like it!' Law abiding citizens in New Jersey have been denied their Constitutional rights for a long time. NOW the elitist group of 'haves' has been reduced and the once privileged NJ Prosecutors have been un-invited from the party.

Maybe we will see some traction on gun-law reform now .... maybe not.

Anyway, a couple of statements in the article need to be addressed:

  "Unlike police officers and investigators, both assistant prosecutors and deputy attorneys general are ‘lawyers first and foremost’ whose ‘essential responsibility is to provide legal advice,’ " the court wrote, referring to the statement accompanying the Senate bill creating the law in 1996. "Their primary duty ‘is to perform legal services in connection with law enforcement.’ ’’

Hmmm - that might be their primary duty at their day job, but what about their (and our) duty to uphold the constitution, protect our families, protect our neighbors and our community?

"He believes that the statute afford him that opportunity,’’ said his attorney, Frank Pisano III. "Like any other prosecutor, he’s locked up some people in the past who may come up for parole now.’’

I have not locked up anyone and I have a higher probability of an armed intruder or road-rager attack than the Prosecutors have of a felon hunting them down - I'm pretty sure they are notified of pending prisoner releases - wait - maybe we should keep dangerous felons locked up.

The lawyer said New Jersey’s strict gun laws require him to show an urgent need for self-protection, that he was subject to substantial threat of serious bodily injury and that carrying a weapon would reduce that threat.

He said that was "a very difficult standard to meet."

No kidding. It's also an ILLEGAL requirement to meet - the Constitution has no such requirement.

Mr. and Mrs. NJ Prosecutor - meet our pain - join us in our fight!

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