Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pickin' Nits ... Again

I find nit picking to be a rather passive-aggressive past time of mine. I don't know why I do it, or why it bothers me so much when small bits of information are reported incorrectly ... oh wait ... it's because Words have Meaning and I believe many people, especially those who are supposed to reporting unbiased news, intentionally mis-report and mis-represent information.

In any case, Jersey City had a gun buy-back recently. So, here is my first nit - these programs are NOT buy-backs - unless the guns in question were originally purchased from or stolen from the city - you cannot buy-back something you did not buy in the first place.

Surrenderors we given $100 for ever rifle and shotgun surrendered, and $150 for every handgun and automatic weapon surrendered. Nit #2 - people were really turning in automatic weapons? I don't think so - semi-automatic handguns I believe. I guess it's possible that they were accepting fully automatic weapons - does the immunity clause that is normally offered during these gun surrenderings apply to automatic weapons?

Rant over.

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