Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NJ Gun Possession Conviction Overturned on Appeal

Common sense in the New Jersey judiciary?!?

Evan Nappen is a hero of the Second Amendment. Read here.

H.R. 822 Petition


The White House has a petition available for signature in support of H.R. 822 - the petition is located at!/petition/support-hr-822-national-right-carry-reciprocity-act-2011/FD9zpRf5. The site DOES require you to register and I know some folks are not too keen on getting on the 'list' - however as gun owners in New Jersey let me ASSURE you - you are already WAY on the grid.

Take a look and sign if you want to - I am!

FNRA Centennial Commemorative Colt 1911

Hey all - it's been some time since I posted and I wanted to bring you up to speed. There has been a lot going on with NJ2AS, NRA-ILA EVC and both kids going off to college.

Remember the Friends of the NRA dinner that was in Essex County? Well I won the auction for the FNRA Centennial Commemorative Colt 1911! It's a beautiful firearm and if anyone is interested in purchasing it from me, please send me a note through the blog. As much as I would love to keep it, I has bills to pay!

More postings to come soon.

Monday, September 5, 2011

New Jersey 12th Congressional District NRA-ILA EVC

My faithful reader(s):

I wanted to let you know I am the newest Election Volunteer Coordinator (EVC) for the 12th Congressional District of New Jersey. NRA-ILA's Election Volunteer Coordinators (EVCs) act as the liaison between pro-gun candidates and NRA members and gun owners in their districts. EVCs work to spearhead ILA's volunteer activities to ensure that pro-freedom candidates have sufficient volunteers for campaign-related activities.

You can receive more information about the NRA-ILA at

If you are interested in becoming a FrontLines(TM) NRA-ILA Volunteer, please follow this link to sign up.

And finally - join the facebook group at